About this service:

Usually when you run a site your URL will look like If you are a home-user or own a small company this may be too expensive so your current URL most likely looks like: Needless to say, such a URL is difficult to remember and doesn't look nice.

We can offer you a Redirect URL that will be easy to remember and does look cool! You keep your current service provider and current URL, which will be the Target-URL.

If you run a site like: we could give you: Of course you can think of anything to put behind "/", even multiple words. You can choose any word you like or which best describes your site.

We ensure that when someone enters in his or her browser he or she will automatically be redirected to your site. Of course everybody can keep using your current URL, but once they experience the ease of your new Redirect URL, nobody will!!


What are the advantages?


Who can register a Redirect URL?
If you have a site and you do not like your current URL you should register now! Our Redirect URL's are allocated on a first-come first-served basis so if someone else registers the Redirect URL of your choice it is impossible to get it back.


What name should I register?
If you promote your Redirect URL in advertisements, brochures or on TV is it important that your name looks good and that your target group remembers it. So you can register a Redirect URL of your own name, company-name or product-name. Or, you could choose a name that best describes your site.

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